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Alang Alang Beach Resort Lombok

Alang Alang Beach Resort the magic of a tropical island patiently awaits you at Alang Alang Beach Resort located on Senggigi hotels resort area on Lombok.

Alang Alang Beach Resort

You've found it. The perfect getaway on Lombok Island, tucked away in it's own cove on Alang Alang Beach Resort, Senggigi Beach.

The magic of a tropical island patiently awaits you at this intimate 19 room hotel located on one of the most beautiful vacation properties at Lombok Island. Nestled at the foothill of Mount Pengsong and protected by a coral reef, the Alang Alang Beach Resort Hotel is bordered by turquoise blue waters. Its beach is fringed by palm tress, a perfect spot in which to relax, kick back and enjoy the view.

The hotel features 18 luxurious bungalows and one expansive villa with private pool.

So please email at: : for further details Informations and why the Alang Alang Beach Resort Hotel offers "All the Best of Lombok, All in One Place".

Alang Alang Beach Resort Alang Alang Beach Resort

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