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Banjarmasin Attractions
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Banjarmasin Attractions.

Banjarmasin attractions offers various tours activities 2019 / 2020 and things to do in Banjarmasin includes jungle hiking, visit dayak Upau and river excursion. This web page inform you about all local attractions for visiting Banjarmasin includes Mount Meratus trekking, Floating market, Bamboo rafting and city tours.

Banjarmasin Attractions.

If you never been yet and intend to go to Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. What do they offer, what things to see and what Banjarmasin attractions has offer? Through this page, we will inform you, sothat you have got an idea what to do in Banjarmasin. The most visited places are Loksado and the city itself. There are several attractions you should do alike Bamboo rafting and floating market as well as jungle hiking on the Meratus mountain slopes. Beside those activities and attractions, you may also interest mingle with Dayak people and you can do different activities in Dayak village and around: Swimming at Kinarum river, observing day activities at the village, visit local school, rubber plantation, Dayak Deah dance performance and Balian ceremony. Others, you should not missed is the Soto Banjar which is very tasty.

As you know, Kalimantan is one of Indonesia’s greatest cultural and traditon.
What do you think about the tales of fierce headhunters moving stealthily through the rainforest?.
What is your opinion about the poison blow darts speeding through the air from apparently invisible sources?.
Are you brave enouhg meeting the dangerous bears, giant snakes and enormous leeches?.
Do you believe about the mystic practices of the Dayaks, known for their silent stalking through the deepest darkest jungle terrain?.

All these exceptional and curiosity is only if you come and see directly by taking Banjarmasin attractions programs. So please Pick one of our verified tours as seen the images below that suit with you.

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Banjarmasin Attractions & What To Do in South Kalimantan.

banjarmasin attractions

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