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Gili Air Hotel

Gili Air hotel is the relaxing atmosphere provides an excellent way of 'de-stressing' for distance themselves from city. Gili Air hotel in Gili air island.

Gili Air Hotel

With a lovely sea front location, Gili Air Hotel is placed on one of the most beautiful islands of the country, just 5 kilometers from Lombok. The accommodation at the resort consists of 30 typical chalets, which are mostly positioned along the seafront, offering beautiful views of the dawn and dusk.
The restaurant at Gili Air Hotel serves delicious dishes, which include a wide variety of typical Indonesian food, along with Italian and other international specialties. Guests can relax and take a Gili Lombok Island.

Hotel at Gili Air

So please email us at: for further details Informations and why the Gili Air Hotel is the relaxing atmosphere provides an excellent way of 'de-stressing' for those who wish to distance themselves from the frenetic life of the city. This holiday will make for an unforgettable experience!

Gili Air Hotel Gili Air Hotel

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Gili Air Hotel
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