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Grage Yogya Hotel
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Grage Yogya Hotel.

Grage Yogya hotel in hotel Yogyakarta offers all in one most strategic location in Yogyakarta city and near the famous hanging out place, Malioboro street. Grage Hotels are the hotel units included under the Grage Group. With our motto Home to Every Occasion, we hope we can give you comfort in your every visit.

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Grage Yogya Hotel.

Grage Jogja hotel

Grage Jogja hotel is located in the heart of Yogyakarta and very close to Malioboro. Strategic location of our hotel will allow you to get to the interesting tourist attractions, places to shop, or visit your business relationships in Yogyakarta

Grage Yogyakarta is one star hotel located just steps from Malioboro, the most popular tourist destination in Yogyakarta. Very easy to reach Grage Yogyakarta, because our hotel in central city of Yogyakarta is easily accessible from all directions and from different entrance Jogja. Our hotel is very close to the Tugu Station and very easy to reach from the airport or from bus Terminal Giwangan. Grage Jogja Hotel is also located in Sosrowijayan region, the region known as the International Tourist Village. Staying at the strategic center of town will give you many advantages both for sightseeing and business.

So please email us at: for further details Informations and why the Grage Hotel Yogyakarta offers all in one most strategic location in Yogyakarta.

Hotel Grage Yogyakarta.

Grage Jogja Hotel Grage Jogja Hotel
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Grage Jogja Hotel
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