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Guest Comment.

Guest comment, tour participants survey and feedback to say nice things, we are pleased but critical comments more valuable we can improve our services. Because Guest comment are very important to improve a trust from worldwide customers, especially on the recent days which information spread so quick on the net.

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Guest Comment.

we write down here the guest comments as the after completion the trip with us and they send us an email then we put it down below on this web page

Guest Comment Testimony.


I am interested in booking the Orangutan Bukit Lawang Tour - Orangutan Day Trip tour for 4 adults with yourselves.
Could you please tell me if you have availability of this tour for Saturday 16th January 2016.
Also could you please tell me what type of vehicle would be provided as we are a group of 4 expats and for the long drive would like some extra room for comfort.

Any other information would be gratefully received.

I look forward to your reply.

Many Thanks

James Hellyn


Thank you for your quick response and for all the information provided.

Please could I book the day tour with yourselves for Saturday 16th January 2016. I would like to pay via credit card (Visa), however I will need a sort code to process this payment. Please can you provide me with this information so that I can transfer the tour money to yourselves.
Please also note this will be transferred in Pounds Sterling but to the required amount of 95 Euro pp/ 1,433,259.17 IDR pp. Is this an issue?

I can also confirm that we will be in a hotel the day before the tour and the hotel details are below:

Hotel Name: Hotel Soechi International
Address: Jl. Cirebon no. 76 A20212 Medan, Indonesia
Phone: +62614561234

Look forward to your reply and thank you for your help.

Best regards


Good morning,

Many thanks for getting back to me.

I have used your PayPal option and emailed payment of 299 GBP to PayPal account
We will be ready for 06.00am on 16th January in hotel reception as mentioned below.

Thank you for all your help and look forward to the trip.
Best Regards


Excellent trip and really loved the orangutans.

From: Maria and Bruce.

Comments: We are having a very pleasant recovery from our adventurers in Tanjung Puting park. We both loved it and of course so amazed to see the beautiful orangutans and all the families. Ivend, our river guide was very knowledgeable and knew all the names of the orangutans and also knowledgeable about all the medicinal plants in the jungle. The Cook, Captain and other boat crew were great and so nice also. GG was also great and we were so surprised to have an escort to Jakarta. That was unexpected and we sure were pleased as Jakarta can be overwhelming and confusing. Of course as you know Indonesian people are so warm and lovely and whether it is Bali or Pangkalan bun they are so nice. Staff at this hotel gave us a lift to the market and made me a map as they knew I was on the hunt for stones. Having an extra day in Pangkalan bun was great as we sure needed it after the humidity.

Note: Take care and will talk soon.

Mount Bromo Tours

From: Meera Jane Navaratnam <>

Comments: Hi GG, thanks for managing the trip and setting everything up - everyone had a great time and it totally beat our expectations! Just to follow up, Ziggy mentioned a hike and similar package for Kawah Ijen crater. Would you be able to provide me with details? Thanks, Meera. 13th - 15th of June 2014.

Note: -

Orangutan Trip

From:Joanne and Brooke

Comments: Wow !! What an amazing experience. This trip has been fantastic. Ivend was extremely well. The stay on the klotok was very comfortable. The Rimba Lodge was wonderful and so eco-friendly. We were definitely spoilt with all the sammpious food, we never went hungry and last but not least, thank you for the best experience of our lives to be able to get up so close to the beautiful orangutans. We can't wait to come back and do this all again. Thank You.25/9/2013

Note: -

Mount Bromo Tour

From: Ci'en

Comments: Hi GG, It was a great trip with a very good guide Mas Heru. We certainly would like to visit the place again to climb Mt Semeru in future. Thanks for the arrangement again.


Flores Borneo Lombok Trip

From: Alexander Riley

Comments: The holiday was great I really enjoyed it. The komodo island boat trip was brilliant with great snorkelling and of course the dragons. Borneo was fantastic and we saw a lot of wildlife. The Rinjani Trek was tiring but also rewarding and quite good fun.

Note: -

Orangutan Trip

From: Barbara Landgraf Gibbons PO Box 223 Dillon, MT 59725,USA

Comments: Hello GG, I'm finally getting back to you after too much time in my regular world. I sent a few photos of our adventure. We had hundreds. If you want any type of photos in particular let me know and I can send a high quality version. These are sent at lower quality for email purposes. So..............the trip was awesome. The orangutans-many wild ones!-other wildlife both seen and heard, were wonderful and plentiful. Barking deer, gibbons, hornbills, proboscis monkeys. The boat, crew and food was excellent. I could have spent a few more days cruising that way! Ferry was top notch. He certainly has a large grasp on the world and his environment. We loved him! Definitely a great choice on your part. The village was a great way to experience the local flavor. As you can see I was game for the sauna-Gig only did the massage. The trek was challenging :) and the jungle was wonderful.....even the swamp part. The trekking guides were wonderful and again the food great. I was impressed by the quality of the tents. If there was anything that could have been improved on it would have great to camp more in the "rimba". I do understand all parks have lots of rules about such things like here. We were able to hear allot of wildlife from our camp. The kids were great too. I learned allot and I think they were real curious about Americans. So it is something I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about experiencing the jungle and wildlife in Borneo. After we traveled on to Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei we knew we had made a great choice with your trip. I will say the jungle in Brunei is spectacular (more mountainous) there just isn't much of it. I hope all is well with you. We had 8" of snow several days after our return! Quite a shock for our systems. Stay in touch and let me know if you want any photos. Thanks again for all your help, correspondence and understanding. We enjoyed every minute.

Note: Stay in touch and let me know if you want any photos.

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