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Hotel Brongto Yogya
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Hotel Brongto Yogya.

Hotel Brongto Yogya and Restaurant Yogyakarta offers form of bungalow with private terrace, beautiful garden, an old mansion Brongtodiningratan nobleman. Hotel Brongto Yogya is 3 stars rating in Jogjakarta and offers you best room rates, easy to book and easy access to the main city of Yogyakarta such as Malioboro street.

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Hotel Brongto

Hotel Brongto Yogya.

hotel Brongto yogya is one of the three-star hotels in Yogyakarta. Unlike other hotels, Brongto hotel was a mansion of a nobleman that is well maintained up to now. This is a very unique fact and almost no other such a mansion, even in Indonesia. Brongto hotel was built on a land of around 2 hectares that is located in the south part of Sultan Palace. In the past, this area was the dwelling place for the noblemen of Yogyakarta Kingdom so that the Javanese nuance is still prominent.

Brongto Bujono Restaurant The architecture of Brongto hotel is keeping the origin, namely an old mansion of Brongtodiningratan nobleman. The shape of huge regol or gate that is painted green as the characteristic of Yogyakarta Kingdom is kept original.

Hotel Brongto Yogya.

So please email at: for further details Informations and why the Brongto hotel offers the form of bungalow with private terrace and beautiful garden.

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Hotel Brongto
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