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Indonesia Pelni Ship Cruise
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Indonesia Pelni Ship Cruise.

Indonesia Pelni ship cruise is the national shipping company and passenger ship serves a many of routes within Indonesia archipelago. It connects all main Indonesia island. Indonesia Pelni ship cruise offers various cabin types, from economic class, vip class and vvip cabin room and all includes meals during the cruise.

Indonesia Pelni Ship Cruise.

Indonesia ship cruise with the Pelni (Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia) is the national shipping cruise company of Indonesia. Currently Pelni ship operates twenty-six ships; twenty-three of these are passenger ships cruise that serve a variety of routes within the archipelago and connects all the main islands of Indonesia from Sumatra to Papua, mostly on a bi-weekly or monthly cruise schedule.

We at Indonesia Adventure Tours and Travel only provide Indonesia Pelni ship cruise service for class cabin pelni ship. When you would use one of these Pelni ship service, please specify where are you starting harbor and ending harbor, we will find the date of availability, ship name and prices. here are the four Pelni ship cabin class/first class information.

Making an Inquiry 2019 / 2020.
Price is customized based on final hotel choices, travel dates, and other custom preferences. Most tours package are customized for private travel according to your preferences and dates. Please inquire for a custom quote.

Indonesia Pelni Ship Cruise Price.

Price per person in USD - Private trip/group of your friends or family:

  • UPON REQUEST and prices based on the Pelni ship routes

For request price and Pelni ship schedules, please send us inquiry at : Email Request by mentioning the date of departure, from which port and number of tour participants in your email.

How to Book Indonesia Pelni Ship Cruise.

1.Please send us TOUR REQUEST ( IF prices not mentioned ) or Book Now to reserve the trip ( IF prices is mentioned in the tour programs ) including detail date you would like have and the number of partners.
2.Available trip departure will inform to you upon received your email.
3.Please write back to us that you are confirmed available date trips departure and packages offered. NOTE: If prices is exist in online packages, by sending Book Now, you agreed cost/prices as stated in web page trip itinerary. we will proceed for next step, sending invoicing.
4.When we get your confirmation, we will send you the official confirmation Paper as agreed (invoice).
5.we have right to cancel the reservation with or without notice when it over from the limit booking time
6.Limit booking is a week after receiving the paper confirmation.

1.When the confirmation is sent, we require deposit payment 35% from total land cost for guaranty booking(No Refund)
2.Balance of payment could should be made at least 2 weeks before departure date.
3.Payment could be made through PayPal will be apply additional surcharge 5% for the amount will be transferred.

FORCE MAJOUR ( For flight Cancel and delay - most cases fly into remote areas in Indonesia ) :
Tour Packages excludes expenses incurred due to causes beyond our control (force majeur) and expenses also caused to flight cancellations & delays are not covered by we will assist in the rescheduling of all flights & organizing suitable accommodations transport and meals etc… but ALL costs are to be covered by yourself if these circumstances occur.

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indonesia pelni ship cruise price indonesia pelni ship cruises

Indonesia Pelni Ship Cruise Information.

KM Dobonsolo.
KM Ciremai.
KM Kelimutu.
KM Kelud.

Cabin accommodation classes, all including meals and private lockers, are:
1st class: two beds per cabin, private bathroom, TV, aircon
2nd class: four beds per cabin, private bathroom, aircon
3rd class: six beds per cabin, aircon, shared bathroom
4th class: bed (more accurately a sectioned sleeping area) in group quarters, sometimes bi-level, if lucky partitioned and good width for luggage as its enough space for a two people to lay down side by side. First come first serve, no reserved spaces.

These are the routes of Cabin accommodation classes Pelni ships from Tanjung priok, Jakarta harbor and the ship stop each harbor in between 2 - 4 hours:

1. KM.Ciremai : Tanjung.Priok - Surabaya - Makassar - Bau-bau - Sorong - Manokwari - Biak - Jayapura - Biak - Manokwari - Sorong - Bau-bau - Makassar - Surabaya - Tanjung.Priok

2. KM.Kelud : Tanjung Priok - Batam – Tanjung.Balai - Belawan - Tanjung.Balai - Batam - Tanjung Priok .

3. KM.Kelimutu : Surabaya - Sampit - Surabaya - Kumai - Semarang - Sampit - Semarang - Karimun Jawa - Semarang - Kumai – Surabaya.

4. KM.Dobonsolo : Tanjung.Priok- Surabaya- Makassar- Bau-bau - Sorong- Manokwari- Jayapuya- Manokwari- Sorong- Bau-bau- Makassar- Surabaya- Tanjung.Priok

Note: Details for Pelni ship schedules and depart from jakarta, please email us for details.

indonesia pelni ship

List of Pelni ships which provides all single class economic:
KM Awu
KM Binaiya
KM Bukit Raya
KM Bukit Siguntang
KM Dorolonda
KM Ganda Dewata
KM Ego
KM Lawit
KM Labobar
KM Leuser
KM Lambelu
KM Pangrango
KM Nggapulu
KM Sangiang
KM Sirimau
KM Sinabung
KM Tatamailau
KM Tidar
KM Tilongkabila
KM Umsini

The following ships do not have a regular schedule
KM Kerinci
KFC Jet Liner
KM Wilis

The following ships are granted by Pelni to be in service with Indonesian Navy Seals (TNI-AL)
KM Kambuna (Now KRI Tanjung Nusanive)
KM Rinjani (Now KRI Tanjung Fatagar).

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