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Indonesia Island Informations
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Indonesia Island Informations.

Indonesia island informations, tourism destinations and most visited island in Borneo, Lombok, Sumatra, Java, Yogya, Sulawesi, Flores, Bali, Ambon, Papua. Indonesia island informations and there are many nice places becoming top tourism destinations to visit in Indonesia where you can enjoy and explore beauty island of paradise on equator.

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In addition, you can find more about our tours and attractions in Indonesia. Also trip to Nepal and Asean country. Or you may visit Banjarmasin. Jakarta. Manado. Doing East Java tours. North Sumatra adventure. East Nusa Tenggara tours. Maluku island. Balikpapan Samarinda trips. West Kalimantan. Central Borneo. Papua Attractions. West Nusa Tenggara. Bandung City. Yogyakarta. Semarang. Palembang Bengkulu. South Sulawesi. Denpasar Bali and West Sumatra packages. Also you can contact us for better tour extension suggestion.

indonesia island informations

indonesia islands information

Indonesia Island Informations.

We at Indonesia Adventure Tours and Travel are ready to welcome you for any inquiries about Indonesia adventure travel from Sumatra in the west into West Papua in the east. Please surf our travel website to find the best dream of you to visit Indonesia archipelago.

Discover Indonesia - Paradise on Equator: Orangutan Borneo, Mount Rinjani, Komodo Dragon, Gili Lombok, Sumatra, Java, Yogyakarta, Sulawesi Island, Flores, Bali, Ambon Maluku and Papua.

Indonesia splendor of 13.677 lands stretching discover some 6.400 kilometers across beautiful turquoise waters of equator. principal lands of Indonesia - discover Indonesia archipelago: Java famous with Mount Bromo, Mt.Semeru, Ijen Crater, Merapi and Borobudur temple, Sumatra most visit Mount Kerinci, Lake Toba, Bukit Lawang, Elephant and Bukittinggi. Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) well known with Orangutan at Tanjung Puting, Sulawesi with Tana Toraja, Bunaken island and Tangkoko National Park . And enchanting island of Bali, Flores also one of tourist destination with Mount Kelimutu and Komodo Dragon. Lombok with Mount Rinjani Volcano and Gili Islands. Maluku Ambon famous for visiting Banda naira and Diving. West Papua with Tribes, Diving and Live boards. Indonesia trip consist of several categories adventure to leisure, remote places into the city.

National motto of Indonesia "Unity in Diversity" describes discover endless array of natural and cultural wonders spread countries' extremes of Sumatra to West Papua.

Indonesia Island Informations.

Discover Indonesia offers great visual contrasts of snow-capped mountains and shallow mangrove-filled estuaries; dry savannah plains and dense tropical rainforests; broad sandy beaches and steep rocky headlands. Rice grown on emerald terraces that cascade down smoldering volcanoes. Through centuries, great civilizations have blossomed in fertile chain of islands that have contributed to creating Indonesia's unique cultural legacy.

Orangutan Borneo
Borneo Orangutan live in trees of Borneo rain forest on Sumatra and Borneo. Sumatra and Borneo belong to Indonesia. In Indonesian language, orangutan means forest people. Because Orangutan spend of lives in tress. Orangutan often hard to see as travel through dense foliage high above ground. dayak peoples of Borneo have a legend that orangutan really ghosts that can suddenly appear or disappear.

Orangutan Borneo, gorillas and chimpanzees all great apes. Although orangutan Borneo smaller from gorillas, Orangutan very large for animals that tree dwellers. Orangutan Males can be 4,5 feet tall and have great strength. In wild, Orangutan usually weigh about 160 pounds. much smaller Orangutan females weigh about 80 pounds. In zoos, where food more plentiful, Orangutan males sometimes weigh more 350 pounds!.
indonesia island information
Two different kinds of orangutan and Orangutan quite different in appearance. On Borneo, orangutan tend to be heavyset with coarse, orange-red hair, and dark gray skin. hair usually long on ir shoulders and back. Sometimes more a foot long. Males of Bornean orangutan develop huge cheek flaps and throat pouches as Orangutan grow older.

Sumatra orangutan taller, more slender and have narrower faces of Bornean orangutan, long hair, lighter red and Orangutan males grow long flowing mustaches and beards that make Sumatra Orangutan look like wise old men. the look not deceiving. Because orangutan highly intelligent animals.

Scientist believe that Orangutan intelligent of all land animals. Orangutan use sticks as tools in searching for food. observational skills Orangutan use for finding fruiting trees in forest help to find best way out of enclosures in captivity. In zoos, Orangutan known as ESCAPE ARTIST that can confound architects, builders, and keepers. In wild, orangutan may live to be more 40 years old. In zoos, where medical available, Orangutan may live an additional 15 to 20 years.

Indonesia Island Informations.

Tanjung Puting National Park
Located in peninsula on south coast of world's third biggest tropical rain forest of Borneo, in Indonesian province of Central Kalimantan, Tanjung puting const of 300.040 ha (741,100 acres). Started as a game reserve for protection of orangutan in 1936 and 1937, upgraded to a National Park in 1982 for protected a in South East Asia with vast tract of wetlands, lowland, mature tropical heath and swamp Forests with large rookeries that provide breeding grounds for a wide population of waterfowl. needs of orangutan or primates also available in park, such as 600 species of trees, over 200 species of orchid, at least 220 species.
orangutan overview

Mount Rinjani Volcano
Gunung Rinjani National park covers 41,330 ha on Lombok island and locates the three administrative district of - West Lombok, East Lombok and Central Lombok. Mount Rinjani covers 12,357.67 ha in west Lombok, 22,152.88 ha in east Lombok and 6,819.45 ha in central Lombok. Mount Rinjani National park dominates Lombok, an island east of Bali on the Indonesian archipelago. At 3726m Mount Rinjani the second highest volcano in Indonesia, part of the infamous ring of fire that encircles the basin of the Pacific. Within the mount Rinjani crater spectacular Segara Anak lake and still – active volcano Mount Baru (2,363m).

Trekking route normally does two villages, trekking from Sembalun and trekking from Senaru villages and other rare route Torean trekking route, advance trekker only. Dream to climb up Rinjani volcano can be two options has to be set on your mind before hike Rinjani? summit trek first or lake crater? Sembalun near to summit of mount Rinjani and Senaru near to crater lake. normally mount Rinjani volcano hiking itinerary program 2 days, mount Rinjani lake program trekking 3 days, mount Rinjani summit hike program and mountain Rinjani climbing 4 days. 2 days for mount rinjani summit trekking only, required advance trekker and fit condition to do 2 days summit hiking of mount Rinjani. 3 days and 4 days includes summit of mount rinjani and crater lake program trekking either you start Sembalun or Senaru village. best time to climb mount Rinjani during dry season April to September.

Komodo Dragon and Kelimutu - Flores
Komodo national park among the thousands of small islands of Indonesia is one called Komodo dragon a mountainous stretch of volcanic rock covered with grass, palms, and small pockets of jungle. This little island, 22 miles (35 km) long, along with a few others nearby, sole habitat of the world's giant lizard. Flores people call for Komodo dragon - Ora.

The famous tourist attraction in Flores - Kelimutu, three colored lakes in the district of Ende and close to the town of Moni. These crater lakes in the caldera of a volcano, and fed by a volcanic gas source, resulting in highly acidic water. The colored lakes change colors on an irregular basis, depending on the oxidation state of the lake4 bright red through green and blue. The latest colors (late 2004) were said to be turquoise, brown and black.

Labuan Bajo (on the western tip of Flores) is a town often used by tourists, where they can visit Komodo and Rinca. Labuan Bajo also attracts scuba divers, as whale sharks inhabit the waters around Labuan Bajo.

Tourists can visit Luba and Bena villages to see traditional houses in Flores. Larantuka, on the isle's eastern end, is known for its Holy Week festivals.

In addition to tourism in Komodo island, the main economic activities on Flores agriculture, fishing and seaweed production. The primary food crops being grown on Flores rice, maize, sweet potato and cassava, while the main cash crops coffee, coconut, candle nut and cashew.5 Flores is newest origins for Indonesian coffee. Previously, Arabica coffee (Coffee Arabica) Flores was blended with other origins. Now, demand is growing for this coffee because of its heavy body and sweet chocolate, floral and woody notes.

Indonesia Island Informations.

Gili Islands
Discovering Lombok and Gili perfect for travelers searching for peace, tranquility and relaxation: guests spend their time under the warm sun next to the beach, relaxing by the pool or snorkeling in the peaceful ocean in front of the hotel where numerous fish inhabit the corals of the Indian Sea.

Gili Tralala - Gili T or otherwise known as Gili Trawangan, the party island of the the Gili’s. Just kick back and enjoy the sun, nightly beach parties and sea. The main stripe is full of accommodations, restaurants, and dive shops. If you seek a quieter place to stay bungalows in the village and towards the north. This Island is also known as Party Island, where young European find themselves Lost In Paradise.

Gili Meno smallest of the three Gili's and it quietest. A great escape for honeymooners or someone who wants to get away it all. Special features of island salt lake and spectacular dive sites such as, Meno Wall, Sea Turtle Point, and Blue Coral Point. In the past Meno was known to have lots of mosquitoes but steps have been taken to control it. Still the best time to visit gili is during dry season.

Gili Air - Gili to Lombok. also the populated and you will find more trees there than the other Gili's. The original inhabitants .The Sasak and some sailors Southern Sulawesi consisting of three main ethnicities; Mandar, Bugis and Makassar. It only island where you can find their unique culture that is different Lombok and wonderful beaches. Many of the older generation still make their living as boatmen, fisherman and farming coconuts.

Sumatra Island
Sumatra - the second big island in Indonesia - is in the fourth place in procuring total visits of foreign tourists following Jakarta, Bali and Batam. This region has a remarkable panorama, thick with virgin forests, lush vegetation, strong rivers, beautiful waterfalls, peaceful sandy beaches and large ancient lakes. The diversity of arts, people and culture literally make Sumatra a Garden of Eden for social scientists and culture seekers. Sumatra has indeed reliable nature and cultural tour objects:

Sea Gardens
Pulau Weh (Weh Island) - at the northwestern end of Sumatra - is a beautiful island of dense jungle, high hill-top views, palm-lined beaches and mysterious rocky coves. There is also a fresh water lake and a semi-active volcano on the island. Nearby Rubiah island is famous for its excellent coral reefs and spectacular array of tropical fish. A great place for snorkeling and diving. Several licensed diving schools on Weh.

Gunung Leuser National Park
This national parks in the world, containing over 800.000 ha. of virgin rainforest. The park is home to the Orang Utan, gibbons, tigers, elephants and among the last of the Sumatran rhino. research facilities for the study of primates, birds and insects. possible to raft down the Sungai Alas river Ketambe to the Indian Ocean on a 4-5 day expedition. Your journey takes you through exciting white-water rapids to the calmer, crocodile-infested waters of the low-lands.

Bukit Lawang
The Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center where formerly captive apes re-introduced into the wild. popular tourist destinations in North-Sumatra.

Lake Toba
Toba lakes in Southeast Asia located in North Sumatra. In the middle Samosir island. Toba has developed into a full-featured highland resort while retaining the rustic charm and relaxed ambiance that define Toba's attraction.

The heart of the highlands, Bukittinggi is a pleasant two-hour drive the West-Sumatra provincial capital of Padang through the gorgeous Anai Valley up to the Agam Plateau. Located 930 meter above sea level, Bukittinggi (formerly called Fort De Kock by the Dutch) has a cool climate and is surrounded by three volcanoes: Tandikat, Singgalang and Merapi. The central landmark town clock tower, referred to by the locals as Jam Gadang. It's overlooks the market sq, a beehive of activity. A fantastic place to do shopping in souvenir shops. Nearby Kota Gadang is renowned for its fine silver filigree and hand embroidery. On the outskirts of Bukittinggi there is a 150 meter deep canyon called Ngarai Sianok (Sianok Canyon).

An incredibly winding through the bottom of the steep-walled canyon. West Sumatrans claim unrivalled for natural beauty in all of Indonesia.

Lake Maninjau
A crater lake, its scenery rivals Lake Toba on a smaller scale. One of West Sumatra's famous sights. Facilities for swimming, water skiing and a good selection of hotels and restaurants. The village of Matur, overlooking the lake, arranges dance performances on request. Another ideal place for recreation - 36 km Bukittinggi - is Lake Singkarak, the longest in West Sumatra.

Kerinci-Seblat National Park
Home to rhino's, tigers, elephants, bears and orang-utans, the Kerinci sprawls across four provinces, making it Sumatra's national park. The scenery is magnificent, dominated by volcanic cones including the highest peak in Western Indonesia Mount Kerinci. Lake Kerinci best place to sight the park's famous bird life.

Indonesia Island Informations.

Java and Yogyakarta
Java includes Yogyakarta (Indonesian: Jawa) an island of Indonesia. With a population of 136 million, the worlds populous island, and densely populated regions in the world. Home to 60% of Indonesia's population. The Indonesian capital city, Jakarta, in west Java. Much of Indonesian history took place on Java.

Formed mostly as the result of volcanic events, Java 13th big island in the world and the fifth huge island in Indonesia. A chain of volcanic mountains forms an east-west spine along the island. Three main languages, though Javanese is dominant and native language of 60 million people in Indonesia,whom live on Java. residents bilingual, with Indonesian as their first or second language. While the majority of the people of Java Muslim, Java has a diverse mixture of religious beliefs, ethnicities and cultures.

Java divided into four provinces, West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Banten, and two special districts, Jakarta and Jogjakarta(Yogyakarta).

Sulawesi is part of Wallacea, meaning that it has a mix of both Asian and Australasian species. Sulawesi 8 national parks on the island, of which 4 mostly marine. The parks with the huge terrestrial Bogani Nani Wartabone with 2,871 km² and Lore Lindu National Park with 2,290 km sq. Bunaken marine park which protects a rich coral ecosystem has been proposed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

127 known mammalian species in Sulawesi. A large percentage of these mammals, 62% (79 species) endemic, meaning that they found nowhere else in Indonesia or the world. The dominant native mammals in Sulawesi the two species of anoa or dwarf buffalo. Other mammalian species inhabiting Sulawesi the babirusas, which aberrant pigs, the Sulawesi palm civet, and primates including a number of tarsiers (the spectral, Dian's, Lariang and pygmy species) and several species of macaque, including the crested black macaque, the moor macaque and the booted macaque. Although virtually all Sulawesi's mammals placental, and generally have close relatives in Asia, several species of cuscus, marsupials of Australasian origin, also occur.

Indonesia Island Informations.

Bali Island
Bali is an Indonesian island located in the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. A country's 33 provinces with the provincial capital at Denpasar towards the south of island.

With a population recorded as 3,551,000 in 2009, the island is home to the vast majority of Indonesia's small Hindu minority. About 93.2% of Bali's population adheres to Balinese Hinduism, while the remainder follow Islam. tourist destination in the country and is renowned for its highly developed arts, including dance, sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking, and music.

Ambon Maluku
Ambon Island is part of the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. The island has 775 km2 (299 sq mi), and is mountainous, well watered, and fertile. 3 main island of the South Moluccas. The main city and seaport is Ambon (1990 pop. 275,888), which is also the capital of Maluku province.

Discovering IRIAN JAYA western half of New Guinea. It became part of Indonesia in 1963 when it was acquired the Dutch and is Indonesia’s Province. A 421.981 sq km, mainly jungle. Papua Indonesia other name for Irian Jaya and administratively dedicated by Indonesian Government in year 2002 for the indigenous people in the island. This Eastern Province is part of world‘s last frontiers and almost totally covered in tropical rainforest.

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Indonesia Island Informations
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