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Kelapa Luxury Villas
Think Slow, travel - Wildlife, Simply the best there is - Nature makes you smile.

Kelapa Luxury Villas

Kelapa Luxury villas combines modern simplicity with traditional Lombok and Balinese style. Located of Kelapa luxury villas in the Gili trawangan. Gili T.

Kelapa Luxury Villas

Kelapa luxury villas combine modern simplicity with traditional Lombok/Balinese style. The open design of the villas visually brings the garden indoors with views of the pool, walkways, berugas and gardens. Set in a secluded coconut plantation the only sound you'll hear is the coconut trees swaying in the breeze

Choice of fully self-catering or in house menu. When you arrive at your personal villa, we will provide you with a shopping list. Your order will be prepared and delivered immediately. Alternatively, order from our in house menu and let our personal chef cook for you.

Kelapa Luxury Villa

So please us email at: for further details Informations and why the Kelapa Luxury Villas exclusive estate was especially chosen for its location ensuring guests total peace and tranquility.

Kelapa Villas gili Kelapa Luxury resort

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Kelapa gili t Villas
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