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Kendari Sulawesi Information
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Kendari Sulawesi Information.

Kendari Sulawesi information, places of interest in Southeast Sulawesi, natural resources, populations, national parks and nature preserve conservation. Southeast Sulawesi, covering the lower eastern leg of this beautiful island. Southeast Sulawesi is capital Kendari and it is an Indonesia province on Sulawesi Island.

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Kendari Sulawesi Information.

Formerly called the Celebes, Sulawesi is one of the world’s most uniquely shaped islands. It is often referred to as the “Orchid Shaped Island”. Historically, Sultans ruled this land and the Local area is Governed by regents. Today, Sulawesi is divided into four provinces, one of them being Southeast Sulawesi. The capital of the province is Kendari, on the east coast of the peninsula. The province is one of the most remote regions of Sulawesi; no highway connects it to the cities on the rest of the island, so the primary transportation link is a ferry across Bone Sea between Watampone (Bone) in South Sulawesi and Kolaka port.

The capital of this province is Kendari. The indigenous people of this province are the people of Tolaki, Morunene, Buton, Muna (locally called the Wuna) and the Bajo. In addition, many other ethnic groups reside here, especially the Balinese who come as transmigrants. This province includes the islands of Wowoni, Butung, Muna, Kabaena and the Tukangbesi. An interesting attraction in Muna is male horse competition. The winner is awarded a female horse. This attraction draws many tourists to this area.

The province is one of the most remote regions of Sulawesi; no highway connects it to the cities on the rest of the island, so the primary transportation link is a ferry across the Bone Sea between Watampone (Bone) in South Sulawesi and the port of Kolaka.

The population of the province is 1,771,951 (2000 census), most of which is centred on Buton island off the south coast of Sulawesi, and in and around Kendari.From the seventeenth century until the early twentieth century, the region was the site of the Buton sultanate (Butung).

Kendari Sulawesi Information.

The population of the province is 1.771,951 (in 2000 Census), most of which is centered on Buton island of the Sulawesi south coast and around Kendari.From the seventeenth century until the early twentieth century, the region was the site of the Buton (Butung) sultanate.

The Southeast Province is populated by more than 1,2 million people, in five diverse and interesting cultural groups:Tolaki, Morunene, Buton, Muna (Locally called Wuna) and Bajo.All offer the visitor a glimpse of life-styles, which have survived man’s rush to modernization while using much of today’s technology to their advantage.

Most of the land area of southeast Sulawesi is covered by natural jungle, with extensive plantations of teak and ironwood, which are used for local handicraft and contribute to the local economy. Much of the beauty of the region has been preserved for prosperity by declaring it “National Parks” and “Nature Preserve.

Wonereous animals, living freely, easily seen and appreciated by visitors, inhabit the entire province. Deer, Wild Pigs, Small Rodent-Like animals called Kus-Kus, Monkey, Snakes, Anoa (small buffalo) and numerous varieties of birds abound. But the hunting of animals is forbidden in national parks preserves and carefully controlled by local government, in other areas. The friendly of the Sulawesi People, the local flora, fauna and untouched beaches, are the highlights of this unique located. It is truly one of the world’s last remaining. Natural habitats are waiting to show for the visitor who can appreciate such natural beauty and the people who live in it.

kendari sulawesi informations

Kendari Sulawesi Information and Places of Interest.

Kendari Sulawesi Information's.
Southeast Sulawesi’s capital is Kendari, seat of government and tourist center of the province. It lies along the sloping hill and seaside of Kendari Bay, residence to some 100,000 people. Kendari boast the manufacture of numerous fine artistic handicrafts, for both home and office use. These are reproduced by skilled craftsmen, from original designs, handed down through the generation, using indigenous roots and ironwood.

Visitors will find a visits to the Berlin Handicraft Center’s the Handicraft Exhibition Center valuable; both belong the local Association of Government Wives (PKK) and display items which may be purchased to adorn the most discriminating setting. Visitors will find frequent, colorful ceremonial events in and around Kendari. And, to be present on these occasions is to be invited to participate. For the closing of any ceremonial event is Kendari will be highlighted by the local “Modero Dance” performed by local men and women. And all on-lookers are invited to joint the dance, as part of the conclusion and
harmonious farewell.

Moramo Waterfall
No other in Indonesia is quite like the Moramo Waterfall. It is unique in traversing a 2 km plateau, with 127 separate terraced plumes, with the top of the waterfall some 100 meters above its basin pool. the falls have seven main terraces, each with its own natural bathing pool. This combination produces clean, fresh, cool air in the shade producing tropical, jungle forest setting which surrounds the falls. This is the perfect habitat for Southeast Sulawesi’s native animals and birds. Those who love nature at its purest will find this an ideal environment. Only 65 km east of Kendari, Moramo Waterfall is easily accessible by car or by boat, crossing Moramo Bay, with a wide panoramic view of the sea.

Kendari Sulawesi Information.

Moramo Bay
This clean, pollution-free bay is only one and one half hours by car or speedboat from Kendari.The white sand beaches of Moramo Bay are host to all sorts of water activities and sports: from sun bathing to water skiing, swimming to boating, including observation of numerous fish life, under the clear, clean water.

Sea Garden of Pulau Hari
In the Indonesia language (Bahasa Indonesia), “hari” means daylight. Because of the way the sun’s rays reflection the water of the sea surrounding this island, the local people call it the “Island of Daylight”, Pulau Hari. Swimming, boating and other marine sports find a natural home along these shores. Diving to view colorful fish in a sea garden setting of coral is a popular activity.

National Parks and Conservation Areas
AOPA is a dike covering an area of 96.804 hectares containing many smaller dikes with plantations within them. Many varieties of indigenous birds and plant life can be seen here. Wild animal abound, running everywhere in this man-made lake environment.

Nirwana Beach and Bone Oge
Nirwana Beach is located 12 km from the village of Baubau and is the capital of the Buton Regency. It is well-liked for swimming and recreational beach sports, along its white sandy shore and its small ad joining island, only thirty minutes away by sailboat. Fishing is said to be ideal on this small island.

Kendari Sulawesi Information.

Buton Island and The Sultanate of Buton
To the southeast of the Sulawesi mainland, Buton Island remains part of the province of Southeast Sulawesi. Long before the independence of Indonesia and the unification of Buton with the rest of the country, Buton was a kingdom. This existed from the 1 4th to the 1 6th centuries. After this, and until Indonesia’s independence, It remained a Sultanate. During the Sultanate period, residents conducted trade and communicated with both China and the Majapahit Kingdom, on the island of Java. Interesting, the first ruler who governed this region was a queen and the last ruler was a king.

It was the last ruler, King Laki Laponto,who became the first Sultan of Buton. Buton Island is well-known for its asphalt, called Buton or Butas Asphalt, and for its teak and ironwood. There is daily boat service from Kendari,with a stop over in Raha,the capital city of the island of Muna. The most fascinating cultural appeal of Buton island can be enjoyed when local people conduct ceremonies, celebrations and folk events which welcome honored guests. One such unique events is “Pakandekandea”, when foods and cakes are offered to visitors and traditional dances are performed.

Napabale and Motonunu Lakes
Napabale Lake is at the foot of a hill, connected to the sea via a natural tunnel. At low tide swimmers can traverse this span of water for a most unusual experience. However it is considered unadvisable and dangerous to attempt this feat during high tide, as the water rises to only one half meter from the roof of the tunnel.Motonunu Lake is known for its clean, clear, dark blue water Though it is also connected to the sea, its water remains fresh and not salt. Both lakes are 15 km from Raha,the capital of Muna Regency, on Muna Island. They are accessible by sailboat, from Raha,in only 45 minutes.

Batu Gong Beach and Toli-Toli Hill
It is 20 km from Kendari to North.Batu Gong beach is off shore recreational resort along 3 km with white sandy beach. At the edge of the beach is a huge stones. When it is hit, it will sound like a gong (traditional musical instrument). Nice panorama over the sea can be enjoyed from the hill of Toli-Toli. This hill resort is 22 km from Kendari.

Malaha Island
Malaha island is beach for betting with a condition which is calm and sandy. This object became an object recreation for Kolaka society. In order to reach this object recreation we can use a four-wheel vehicle it will take one for 45 minutes. The distance from Kolaka city is about 25 km.

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