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KM Bidadari Cruises
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KM Bidadari Cruises.

KM Bidadari cruises Liveaboard information on Life on Board for diving in Raja ampat and KM Bidadari cruises is an excellent example of a traditional wooden Phinisi schooner and we invite you to share her character and charm With cosy and functional cabins and boat has 4 decks, the Lower, Main, Upper decks and top deck.

KM Bidadari Cruises.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the harbour. Catch the trade wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Mark Twain.

KM Bidadari cruises has 4 decks, the Lower deck, Main deck, Upper Deck, and Top deck. The Main deck consists of the dive deck, equipment and tank area, camera station, Saloon, and kitchen. The Lower deck is for cabins and additional storage. The Upper deck consists of the Bridge, covered seating area, and crew quarters. The Top deck is an open seating area.

Km Bidadari Main Decks.
On the Main Deck is the air-conditioned Saloon which is comprised of the Dining room and Lounge. It is spacious and attractive with large surrounding windows allowing lots of incoming sunshine and an opportunity to continuously enjoy the spectacular outdoor topography. The Lounge presents a relaxed and comfortable setting where guests can enjoy the library, entertainment center,and coffee/tea bar. The cuisine served is a mixture of delicious Indonesian, Asian, and International specialities prepared by our Balinese cook. Also on the Main deck, companionways are located on either side of the Saloon and they have been fitted with deck showers and large bench seats for storage and preparation of dive gear. Covered camera stations have been built for photography equipment. There are 3 zodiacs on deck available for all diving and shore excursions.

KM Bidadari Cruises Overview.

Liveaboard KM Bidadari Lower Decks.
All six cabins are air-conditioned and include their own complete en-suite facilities. There are four cabins with lower double and upper single berths (triple shown above) and two cabins with a single upper and lower berth. Each room is tastefully appointed with a writing desk, vanity, closet space, and porthole. The en-suite facilities include a Western toilet, stand up basin, and a hand shower with hot/cold water.

KM Bidadari Upper Decks.
The front Upper deck contains a large and comfortable seating area. Located in front of the Bridge, this a excellent space to congregate to enjoy the beautiful scenery and passing wildlife. In between diving and shore activities, it is favorite place where many guests can enjoy and relax. here. The Upper deck also serves as a perfect place for dining al fresco.

KM Bidadari Liveaboard Top Decks.
The Top deck, above the Bridge area, is another open and spacious area on this vessel where guests can relax and enjoy beautiful sunsets, sip a refreshing drink, enjoy a good book, or just watch the evening stars. See vessel specifications

Liveaboard KM Bidadari Cruises:.
The Saloon is air-conditioned and comprises of the Dining and Lounge area. The Lounge presents a relaxed and comfortable setting where guests can utilize and enjoy the library, entertainment center, camera station, and coffee/tea bar. It is spacious and attractive with large surrounding windows allowing an opportunity to continuously enjoy the spectacular outdoor topography and lots of incoming sunshine.

The cuisine served is a mixture of delicious Indonesian, Asian, and International specialties prepared by our Balinese cook.

Companion ways are located outside along both sides of the Saloon and they have been fitted with large bench seats for storage and preparation of dive gear. Outside covered camera stations have been built for photography equipment set up and storage. There are 3 tenders available for all diving and shore excursions. Dive briefing area includes deck showers and rinse tanks for dive gear and camera equipment.

liveaboard km bidadari cruises km Bidadari Cruise Liveaboard diving Bidadari Cruise

Liveaboard KM Bidadari Cruises & Specifications and Boat Elev.

Liveaboard KM Bidadari Raja Ampat North 11N/12D Dive.

Day 1: West Papua.
Arrive Sorong Airport. Transfer and embark. Conduct ship and safety. Bidadari cruises to beautiful Penemu / Kruo Islands.

Day 2-3: Penemu & Kruo Island:
Explore ridges with schooling fish with great visibility. Enjoy scenic limestone rocks shaped like mushrooms rising out of the water,shallow reef sites host to Wobbegong sharks, Giant clams and extensive coral gardens filled with vibrantly colored fish. Melissa's Garden: Spectacular soft and hard coral gardens, Wobbegong shark. (4 dives D2) Wall of Color: Wall full with various colored sea fans,crinoids whips, and reef fish. Angela's Passage: Giant clams, pelagic fish schooling, possible encounter with an Epaulet (walking) shark or Bamboo shark.(4 dives D3)

Day 4 - 5: Waigeo Island / Aljui Bay
Located in West Waigeo, Aljui Bay has nutrient rich currents which flow through its channel attracting an exceptional variety of marine life. Limestone cliffs located North and South of the bay offer shelter to the abundant amount of macro life and activity flourishing among its walls, channel, and sandy bottoms. Visit the local pearl farm and learn about the cultivation process. White Arrow: explore the invertebrate life among the whips and sea fans. Channel Is.: shallow drift and see tunicates,soft corals, fire urchins. (4 dives D4) Explore lush forest land inhabited by many varieties of birds and
wildlife. Pearl Farm pier: muck dive for a wide variety of critters. (4 dives D5)

Day 6: Wayag Island (West)
This lush and rocky island has beautiful dive sites at the edge of some limestone cliffs. Two Hump Rock: drift dive viewing overhangs and boulders decorated with soft coral and colorful anthias. Ridge Rock: submerged pinnacle near wall with large soft corals. (4 dives)

Day 7: Uranie and Kawe Islands:
Dive among these mushroom like islands. Explore Uranie Cave. Kawi sites offer beautiful underwater
topography with swim-throughs, tunnels, pinnacles, and boulders.(4 dives)

Day 8 - 9: Gam Island:
Early dawn nature/bird walk to possibly see the magnificent Bird of Paradise. Dive near island groups Yeben,Yanggefo,Wofoh located West of Gam Is. Explore walls, ridges, and slopes teeming with active fish life, abundant varieties of soft and hard corals, observe the excellent macro life. (4 dives per day)

Day 10-11: Dampier Strait
Manta Sandy: Watch the manta congregation feeding in the channel and visiting the cleaning station. Cape Kri: Huge circling schools of Dogtooth Tuna,Jackfish, Trevally, Barracuda. Record number of fish species referenced to these sites. (4 dives D10). Sardine Reef: Diverse range of soft and hard coral. Active pelagic schools of Jackfish, GT,and Snapper. Late evening reposition to Sorong.(3 dives D11)

Day 12: West Papua
Arrive Sorong port. Debark and transfer to Sorong airport.

* Attention: The dive site sequence may alter due to local sea water, current, and weather. Captain or Dive master have full authority to change this.

For further informations, details trip itinerary Liveaboard KM Bidadari Cruises 12 days live aboard diving program, please email us at: Email Request by mentioning the Tour Code: KNLR-DJJ-LKMBC-12D.

How to Book KM Bidadari Cruises.

1.Please send us TOUR REQUEST ( IF prices not mentioned ) or Book Now to reserve the trip ( IF prices is mentioned in the tour programs ) including detail date you would like have and the number of partners.
2.Available trip departure will inform to you upon received your email.
3.Please write back to us that you are confirmed available date trips departure and packages offered. NOTE: If prices is exist in online packages, by sending Book Now, you agreed cost/prices as stated in web page trip itinerary. we will proceed for next step, sending invoicing.
4.When we get your confirmation, we will send you the official confirmation Paper as agreed (invoice).
5.we have right to cancel the reservation with or without notice when it over from the limit booking time
6.Limit booking is a week after receiving the paper confirmation.

1.When the confirmation is sent, we require deposit payment 35% from total land cost for guaranty booking(No Refund)
2.Balance of payment could should be made at least 2 weeks before departure date.
3.Payment could be made through PayPal will be apply additional surcharge 5% for the amount will be transferred.

FORCE MAJOUR ( For flight Cancel and delay - most cases fly into remote areas in Indonesia ) :
Tour Packages excludes expenses incurred due to causes beyond our control (force majeur) and expenses also caused to flight cancellations & delays are not covered by we will assist in the rescheduling of all flights & organizing suitable accommodations transport and meals etc… but ALL costs are to be covered by yourself if these circumstances occur.

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Inclusions Liveaboard KM Bidadari Cruises:

  • Transfers to/from vessel.
  • Full board ( share cabin ).
  • Diving services.
  • Padi Dive Master.
  • Tanks and weights.
  • Coffee/tea and snacks.

Exclusions Liveaboard Cruises:

  • Airfare.
  • Nat. park /port fee $100.
  • Nitrox.
  • Soft drinks/alcohol.
  • Equipment rental.
  • Crew gratuities.
  • Fuel surcharges not in effect*
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Liveaboard dive Bidadari Cruises
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