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Pearl of Papua Liveaboard
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Pearl of Papua Liveaboard.

Pearl of Papua liveaboard offers Raja ampat diving package with 7 finest cabin room dive boat to enjoy Raja ampat Papua Liveaboard with Pearl of Papua boat. Pearl of Papua liveaboard safaris visit all the best underwater treasures around Raja Ampat island for private charter and research expedition trips.

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Pearl of Papua Liveaboard.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the harbour. Catch the trade wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Mark Twain.

Maximize your diving adventure with personalized and professional service on board our traditional Bugis schooner, the Pearl of Papua. Revel the natural marine richness of Raja Ampat right at your doorstep with our liveaboard and explore spectacular diving sites around the archipelago.

Fully equipped with modern conveniences and staffed with experienced and professional crew, the Pearl of Papua offers liveaboard charters with departures all year round to the pristine Raja Ampat islands in the heart of the Coral Triangle.

Raja Ampat’s marine ecosystem is home to the highest marine biodiversity on Earth according to a 2002 survey by the Nature Conservancy. The variety of marine life in the region makes Raja Ampat a truly amazing diving destination, with regular shark sightings, encounters with large groups of manta rays and turtles, numerous war wrecks, not to mention the diversity of its reefs – rich flats, dramatic slopes and vertical walls, mucky mangroves, beautiful lagoons and breathtaking pinnacles.

Pearl of Papua liveaboard safaris visit all the best underwater treasures around Raja Ampat, highlighting its iconic sites and adventuring off-the-beaten paths with the comfort of home away from home. Our brand-new vessel is also available for private charter, non-diving excursions and research expedition. Come away with us! Experience luxury at great value and find out more about our promotional rates for 2011.

Pearl of Papua Liveaboard Overview.

Striving for good vibes and a relaxed atmosphere, we provide luxury at great value on board our well-equipped vessel. Pearl of Papua liveaboard aims to be your sanctuary at sea with its cozy cabins and en suite bathrooms, on board pampering (massage and spa), delicious and hearty meals, and overall hassle-free adventure.

Crafted by the highly respected and renowned boat builders of Tanah Beru in South Sulawesi, our beautiful wooden phinisi schooner is fitted with the latest marine technology and equipments that are ensured to meet with international safety standards.

Specifically designed for liveaboard diving excursions, the Pearl of Papua provides gear-up stations assigned for each diver throughout the expedition, rinse tank, a dedicated camera table and battery charging stations (both 110V and 220V).

Facilities and amenities on board the Pearl of Papua are selected to provide the most comfort during the length of your diving expeditions. The air-conditioned cabins with en suite bathrooms are sleek yet cozy, a sanctuary to welcome you home after a long excursion undersea. Our spacious decks provide enough room for everyone to laze privately and a group to mingle comfortably. A chef and two stewards are also on board to attend your dining and cabin needs around the clock, while all pampering needs are attended to in a dedicated spa cabin or outdoor on the deck with our portable massage table.

Our team of twelve Indonesian crew members and dive staff are also highly knowledgeable and intimately familiar with Raja Ampat, guiding you to experience scarcely seen underwater treasures in addition to the bests the region has to offer, while ensuring a pleasant and safe voyage. Are you ready to explore down under of Indonesia ocean with great scenery?

Pearl of Papua live aboard dive Liveaboard Pearl of Papua Liveaboard diving Pearl of Papua

Pearl of Papua Liveaboard Information.

Liveaboard Pearl of Papua Specifications and Boat Elev

Liveaboard Pearl of Papua potential Schedule for 8 days / 7 nights in Raja Ampat Islands

Day One: Sorong
Arrive in Sorong Airport. Our crew will be waiting outside the arrival hall and ready to escort you to the ship for immediate boarding. After 15 minutes driving we onboard the vessel, refresh with the welcome drink. Your official check in time is 1PM. Cabin allocation and ship orientation will take place before departure. Take this opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the vessel, make yourself comfortable. Lunch and dinner will be served while departing towards Raja Ampat National Park.

Day Two: Dampier Straits
Welcome to Dampier Straits areas. We will have check dive at Mioskon. Monitoring your buoyancy skill and make yourself comfortable with water and your gear. For some of you who has not dive for a long time, check dive is always a good way to refresh your skill.
We have many excellent dive spot around the area. Cape Kri is a great start of the day with most fish and coral species accounted on a single dive site. Truly dive sites like Cape Kri, of Dr. Allen’s 30-year lifetime record fish count. Cape Kri has probably the largest concentration of big fish of any sites in northern Raja Ampat. Mioskon, Cape Kri and Mike’s point are among the sites for day two.

Day Three: Wayag
We will be arriving in the morning in Wayag Island – one of “must see” itinerary for Raja Ampat cruise. We park the boat in the front of Mount Pindito where we make the famous “hike”. Bring your camera, your hat and your walking shoes. You will about to view the breath taking scenery over the island group here. After taking load of pictures from above we will have nice and easy picnic on the beach, having relax morning, swimming and snorkeling. Take our tender boat to marvel the spectacular hidden bay and little lagoon. We will make time to have couple of dives around northern part of Raja Ampat Aljui Bay or Gam.

Day Four: Sel Pele Bay
Sel Pele is a very large bay located on the western side of Waigeo Island, and is renowned as the best place in Raja Ampat for critter hunting. The bay has a large mouth with a small island in the centre. Sometimes between our dives we make tour and visit the pearl farms. Dinding Selatan; Kebung Kerang; and Pearl farm Pier (The Jetty) are among our selection for day and night dives in the area.

Day Five: Fam and Penemu Island
Spread over nearly 700 square kilometer of ocean just above the midway point on Raja Ampat’s north-south axis, Pam and Penemu vivid corals thrive while withhstanding, indeed reveling in, some of Dampier’s strongest current. We will have fun drifting away with current at Melissa Garden, Baraccuda and Angelina Passage.

Day Six Dampier Straits
We can’t get enough of Dampier Straits. It contain some of Raja Ampat’s most action packed dives. This times we dive Chicken Reef, Sardine, Blue Magic. The dive spot that offer an unforgettable diving experience where you could spot huge schools of fish parade by barracuda and pale or blue tail surgeonfish patrol the reef top, while below schools of trevally and fusiliers whiz past and encircle you. Manta is usually seen. Sheer numbers of fish here. Of course there are great schools of trevallies and tuna in numbers that practically block out the light. But you can also be enthralled by vast numbers of bumpheaded parrotfish as they charge around and devour the coral.

Day Seven: Arborek
On the way back to Sorong we will stop by at the famous Arborek, the dive spot selection in this area are abundant. Manta sandy and Manta Ridge will be among our dive spot selection where you can spot group of Mantas circling and swimming. For safety precautions we will have only two shalow dives in our last dives day.

Day Eight: Sorong
After breakfast, prepare for disembarkation. Your official check out time is 10 AM. Be ready to leave the boat and you will be transferred to Sorong Airport for you next destination. Your diving journey has ended and we shall look forward to welcoming you onboard again.

Note: Sailing itineraries and daily program are subject to change due to weather and sea conditions, availability of safe anchorage, government regulations and other factors. Every effort will be made to carry out the program as planned. Program changes may take place during the cruise to take advantage of local cultural events, to adapt to sailing conditions, or in response to other factors.

For further informations, details trip itinerary Liveaboard Pearl of Papua 8 days liveaboard diving program, please email us at: Email Request by mentioning the Tour Code: KNLR-DJJ-LPoP-8D.

Liveaboard Pearl of Papua PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF:

  • Accommodation, up to 3 dives a day, diving tanks and weights for divers. Full meals breakfast (B), lunch (L), diner (D), snack, unlimited coffee, tea and mineral water, airport transfers, shore visit and topside scenic tours.
  • Average of 3 dives per day, all in day time or two day dives and 1 night dive unless weather conditions or long sailing distance do not permit it. We are flexible, when weather and conditions permitted we can have 4 dive a day.
  • Land Excursions when clearly specified in the cruise planning. We have two tender boat. Three of PADI instructor, assistant instructor and Dive Master onboard as dive guide, with guest guide ratio 5:1 or 4:1. We have 7 cabin to accommodate 14 people. A Manta Suite Cabin is designed to accommodate three people. It is possible to have maximum 15 guests when you charter the entire boat for your group.
  • Additional complimentary services available onboard: Library, Music, First aids.
  • All transfers to/from airport or hotel in the town of embarkation /disembarkation.
  • Same number of nights as number of days in the cruise, you disembark in the morning of the last published date. Good saving in hotels.

Liveaboard Pearl of Papua PRICE ARE EXCLUSIVE OF:

  • Excludes on the cruise price are: Port, National Park Fee and fuel surcharge USD$210 per person for entire cruise, personal expenditure, Soft Drinks, Juices and Alcoholic Drinks, Flight Tickets to/ from Sorong, hotel stay en route to/prior/after boarding our liveaboard.
  • Any other form of transportation to point of embarkation/disembarkation other than PEARL OF PAPUA.
  • Diving Equipment for Divers, Airport Tax, Any police permit or touristy tax charged per passenger by any local authority.
  • Alcoholic drinks, tips and gratuities and any other onboard service not specified above like massages, Equipment rental etc.
  • e strongly advise you to bring your own equipment to avoid extra charge rental and for utmost comfort. Also it is important since you will more familiar with your own gear.
  • Equipment rental is USD15 per piece/per day or USD45 for full set per day/per day.

How to Book Liveaboard Pearl of Papua and Terms and Conditions:

A deposit of 35 percent is required no later than 7 days after the date of reservation to confirm your booking
Payment of the balance must be made and received us 90 days prior to departure date. Failure of payment within the stated period will automatically give the rights to the Pearl of Papua to offer the berth to other participant on the waitlist.
Cancellations more than 90 days prior to departure: 50% refund of monies on hand.
Cancellations within 90-0 days prior to departure: all monies on hand are forfeited.
100 percent of payment is required for reservation within 90 days prior to departure.

Prices are exclusive of: Fuel surcharge, Port and National Park Fee of USD 210, Alcoholic beverages, equipment rental, airline tickets and hotel stay en route to/prior/after boarding our liveaboard.

Prices are inclusive of: Accommodation, up to 4 dives a day, dive guide, full meals, drinking water, coffee and teas, airport transfers, shore visit and topside scenic tours.

Travel Info:
Please read the following information carefully to ensure a safe and pleasant journey.

Expect excess baggage charges due to different weight restrictions between domestic and international airlines. On average, domestic passengers are allowed to check-in up to 20kg (44 lbs) of luggage. Pack lightly and use soft bags when possible for easier storage during the liveaboard.

Travelers arriving into Indonesia must have a minimum of a 6-month validity left on their passports. Citizens of most countries can obtain visa-on-arrival at their first point-of-entry in Indonesia (USD 25 for 30 days, extendable for another 30 days). Certain nationalities, however, are required to obtain a visa from the Indonesian Embassy in their home countries before travel to Indonesia.

Any type of fishing and spear fishing will not be allowed on board the Pearl of Papua and is strictly prohibited around Raja Ampat marine protected areas.

Guests must present their Diver Certification Card to the Cruise Director on the first day of the trip. Participants may be asked to provide proof of experience (dive logbook) at the discretion of our Diving Safety Officer prior to joining our liveaboard excursions. All participants are expected use common sense sensitivity when dealing with marine life. The Pearl of Papua is entitled to warn and expel any participant should risks to the environment are posed by that person.

Consult your physician for necessary vaccinations prior to your travel to Indonesia. Malaria risk is present in some parts of the country, particularly In Papua. Take precautions with malaria prophylactics (malarone and doxicycline are recommended), but avoid the use of Lariam due to its side-effects and ineffectiveness in the region. Booster injections for intestinal diseases, Hepatitis A and B are also highly recommended.

Due to the remoteness of Raja Ampat, we strongly advise our guests to take good travel insurance that includes emergency medical evacuation, baggage loss/damage, and cancellation policy. A valid dive accident insurance (such as DAN) must be carried by divers on our liveaboard.

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