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Puri Mas Boutique Hotel
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Puri Mas Boutique Hotel

Puri Mas Boutique, Resort and Spa Lombok offer luxury accommodation of beach side villas, 2 unique venues, white beach and inland with beautiful location.


Puri Mas Boutique and Beach Resort is located in Lombok Islands and is known as the only private luxury resort that offers traditional Indonesian architecture, style and grandeur. Puri Mas Resorts invite guests to move freely between each of their two fabulous locations of Beach and Valley. At the beach resort, the unique architectural style of the Balinese is very apparent in all of the seventeen

individualized rooms and villas. Situated within the beautiful valley of Kerandangan among traditional homes of the local people, Puri Mas Boutique and Spa features four uniquely designed guest rooms that offer total privacy. Guests can enjoy fine dining either at the fabulous beachside restaurant or at the beautiful and romantic Javanese style twin pavilions. Puri Mas also organises your special day and ensures it to be either simple or sophisticated, as you desire.

So please email us at: for further details Informations and why Puri Mas Boutique and Spa Resort offers you an almost surreal venue of peace and tranquility. Together both Puri Mas resorts present the best of Lombok's culture, friendly, and unique service with top class facilities the keys to our success.

Footnote to parents:
Puri Mas has adopted a No Children Under 12 Years Policy: Each of our swimming pools which includes our public and villa pools are over 150cm deep and one level. Our pools are not attended or gated therefore in the interests of safety we have made a conscious decision to adhere to this policy.

Puri Mas Hotel Lombok

Puri Mas resort Puri Mas Boutique resort

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