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South Borneo Pictures
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South Borneo Pictures

South Borneo pictures is photograph represent South Borneo which you have an image visiting locals attractions such as floating market in Banjarmasin.

There is unique culture that still exist since long time ago in Banjarmasin where you can see the uniqueness of floating market. Here where the locals people is doing trading about various fruits, vegetables and even you can enjoy the locals cuisine in the river.

Located at Martapura River, Lok Baintan is the small village where you can see amazing traditional market. The market is really different and very unique.. The market located in the river a.k.a floating in the river. Every seller & buyer always using the small boat or canoe to the market.

This market opened around 6 to 8.30 AM every tourist or visitor, we can buy anything there like fruit, cake, nasi kuning (local food), soto Banjar (local food) etc..

to getting there, we must to rent a boat with machine from city center.. river cruise need around 1 hour from starting point..a lot of rent a boat near Banjarmasin city center....

Other activities you can do in South Kalimantan is doing the bamboo rafting. If you are interesting and seeing the locals activities early morning, please do not hesitate to contact us.

South Borneo Pictures

South Borneo Pictures

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banjar Borneo Pictures
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