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Sumatra Overland Tour
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Sumatra Overland Tour.

Sumatra overland tour, Medan to Ketambe wildlife trips by overland and tour activity includes riding Elephant Sumatra, jungle trekking, camping and river rafting. 10 days overland tour in Sumatra island will visit Medan, Tangkahan, Bukit Lawang. Aceh province and to show real of Sumatera especially about beautiful jungle.

Sumatra Overland Tour.

How amazing of Sumatra land. You should visit once in your life time. Because Sumatra is one of big island in Indonesia, from Aceh to Bandar Lampung includes Pekanbaru Riau archipelago as well as Belitung island. In this travel program, we would like to present one of the islands in Sumatra Land. The tour program is to get to know more what Sumatra has it, especially what we are offering to you visiting North Sumatra and Ketambe within Aceh province. How to get there, what to see and what do in North Sumatra and Ketambe, follow designed Sumatra overland tour itinerary we have customize based on our journey to these place. Just to let you know that the journey to Ketambe takes about 8 hours from Medan, we will provide comfortable land vehicle includes air con. this is to ensure you have conveniences during the routes to Ketambe from Medan and return.

Estimation driving time to one place to another places:
From Medan airport driving to Tangkahan for 4hrs, Tangkahan to Bukit lawang 3hrs, Bukit Lawang to starting point of rafting 3hrs then to Brastagi 4hrs, Brastagi to Katambe Kutacane 6hrs.

Below are an overviews, itinerary, prices, inclusion and exclusion:

Tangkahan is sometimes mentioned as the HIDDEN PARADISE IN SUMATRA. It is definitely hidden and for many a paradise. It is the perfect place to get off the beaten track, but still have access to nice food and comfortable bungalows. Click to enlargeTangkahan is an interesting place in many ways. Interesting for what it has to offer and an interesting background. The elephants, the jungle, and the clean rivers are obvious attractions. What makes Tangkahan different is that it is a good example on how community based eco-tourism can stop illegal logging, improve livelihood, and develop a sense of pride amongst the locals. This development on the border of Leuser National Park where the bigger river Batang Serangan meets the smaller river Sungai Musam is the hidden paradise of Tangkahan.

Join the forest rangers on their elephants when they patrol the jungle!.
Float down the clear river!
Go jungle trekking!
Soak yourself in hot springs!.

Sumatra Overland Tour Overview.

Bukit Lawang
Imagine yourself a little hairier and better with your toes and you’ve got Bukit Lawang’s main attraction: the orang-utan.
Click here to find out more!Bukit Lawang is one of the most accessible places to spot this reclusive primate, thanks to an orang-utan conservation programme that has been operating on the eastern edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park since the 1970s. The national park is one of the orang-utan’s last remaining strongholds, with more than 5000 animals thought to be living in the wild.Since the village is only 96km northwest of Medan, Bukit Lawang is also one of the easiest places from which to make the leap into the jungle, a diverse and rugged forest crisscrossed by clear, fast-flowing rivers. Many tourists slip-slide through the mud and undergrowth on multi-day treks and hobble back to the village to recuperate.Bukit Lawang was extensively damaged by a flash flood in November 2003, which killed 280 people and destroyed much of the riverfront development. The essentials of the town and tourist infrastructure have been rebuilt but the community is still grieving for lost relatives and livelihoods.

Wampu Rafting
For the best rafting in Indonesia, Wampu River is an enthusiasts dream! The rivers available for experts, alike, with an exciting and fun challenge for half, one, and two day trips. For those who want a longer, more impressive experience,Located in between the two regencies in North Sumatra, Karo and Langkat. In Karo district, the river is called Lau Biang. Being in Langkat known Wampu river. The water is crystal clear and fairly swift, flowing directly from the dense forests of Gunung Leuser National Park. The main route for rafting is usually started from a village Kaperas in Marike to bridge Bahorok in Langkat District. Mileage approximately along the 22 miles, 4-5 hours normal travel time. Level of difficulty between class II - III. If you want even longer rafting route can be started from the Middle Rih village, Karo District. Only way to this village is quite difficult, in addition must pass the road off road for 3 hours, should be followed also by trekking for 3 hours. But do not worry because you will be treated to panoramic views at the starting point of rafting.

Sumatra Overland Tour Informations.

Brastagi and Sibayak Volcano
Berastagi's two active volcanoes are its main attractions. Sibayak, probably the most accessible of Indonesia's volcanoes, is 2,100 meters high and relatively easy to climb (but people have died while climbing). It takes about 3 hours to climb and the hot springs at its base are very relaxing after climbing down the other volcano, at 2,400 meters is higher, steeper and much harder work. Berastagi's altitude of 1,300 meters gives it a cool and comfortable climate. The countryside around Berastagi is the main fruit, vegetable and flower growing area for northern Sumatra and is famous for its passion fruit. Berastagi has a colorful fruit market, but the presence of so many tourists means that you are unlikely to get a good deal.

Mt. Sibayak 3.23 N, 98.52 E, summit elevation 2212 m, stratovolcano (Indonesian:Gunung Sibayak) is a small stratovolcano overlooking the town of Berastagi in northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Although its last eruption was more than a century ago, geothermal activity in the form of steam vents and hot springs remains high on and around the volcano. The vents produce crystalline sulfur, which was mined on a small scale in the past. Seepage of sulfurous gases has also caused acidic discolouration of the small crater lake. Sibayak is a term from the Karo Batak language referring to a founding community. It is relatively easy to climb and has been a tourist attraction since colonial times.

It seems that Ketambe - local name is Balai Lutu - is just a place like every village, situated on the only non-coast road, splitting Aceh into east and west. The village Ketambe is about one kilometer long. Houses existing only left and right side near the main road. The river Alas flows from north to south about 100 meters parallel to the road. There are a mosque and a basic school. If you pass, you wouldn't realize that it is a very special place. Its position at the border to the Gunung Leuser Nationalpark makes it famous. Ketambe is a perfect starting point to go for trips into the jungle to see really wild living orangutans. There were also sumatran tigers, elefants and rhinos seen. A lot of other big and small apes are found and the birdlife is outstanding. If you lucky, you can see the very seldom found Rafflesia in bloom (the biggest flower in the world). For hikers are possibilities for short and longer treks into the hilly jungle and even to the top of the Mount Leuser (3381m). There are caves, hotsprings and waterfalls. In the river Alas its possible to go swim, do fishing, make a wave ride with an inner tube or do an organized rafting trip.

Sumatra Overland Tour Price.

Private trip/group of your friends or family:

  • Price per person for 2 participants:
    USD 1,952
  • Prices for larger bookings are Upon Request.

To Reserve Sumatra Overland Tour 10 days 9 nights, please email us at: Book Now by mentioning the tour code: KNLR-KNO-SOT-10D and number of tour participants in your email.

How to Book Sumatra Overland Tour.

1.Please send us TOUR REQUEST ( IF prices not mentioned ) or Book Now to reserve the trip ( IF prices is mentioned in the tour programs ) including detail date you would like have and the number of partners.
2.Available trip departure will inform to you upon received your email.
3.Please write back to us that you are confirmed available date trips departure and packages offered. NOTE: If prices is exist in online packages, by sending Book Now, you agreed cost/prices as stated in web page trip itinerary. we will proceed for next step, sending invoicing.
4.When we get your confirmation, we will send you the official confirmation Paper as agreed (invoice).
5.we have right to cancel the reservation with or without notice when it over from the limit booking time
6.Limit booking is a week after receiving the paper confirmation.

1.When the confirmation is sent, we require deposit payment 35% from total land cost for guaranty booking(No Refund)
2.Balance of payment could should be made at least 2 weeks before departure date.
3.Payment could be made through PayPal will be apply additional surcharge 5% for the amount will be transferred.

FORCE MAJOUR ( For flight Cancel and delay - most cases fly into remote areas in Indonesia ) :
Tour Packages excludes expenses incurred due to causes beyond our control (force majeur) and expenses also caused to flight cancellations & delays are not covered by we will assist in the rescheduling of all flights & organizing suitable accommodations transport and meals etc… but ALL costs are to be covered by yourself if these circumstances occur.

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sumatra overland tours

Sumatra Overland Tour Information.

GROUP SIZE: Minimum 2 - 4 people. (if larger groups booking, please contact us).
PRICE: USD 1,952 per person Book Now.
DURATION: 10 Days / 09 Nights.
TRANSPORT: Private Car.
TOUR TYPE: Explore Tour.
LOCATION: Medan, Aceh.
START: Kuala Namu Medan Airport.
FINISH: Kuala Namu Airport.
GRADE: Moderate - Strenuous.
DEPARTURE: Upon Request, You may arrange your own date.

English Speaking Guide.Meals 9x Breakfast, 5x Lunch, 2x Dinner.
9 Nights of Accomodation (Camping and Hotel).Airport Transfer

Sumatra Overland Tour Itinerary.

Day 01: Arrival Medan airport – Drive to Tangkahan. Overnight in Tangkahan.

Upon arrival in Medan airport, pick up and drive to Tangkahan 4hrs. Arrived, check in at simpel guest house. (you need to cross the river to reach the guest house by wooden raft boat). Free at you own leisure. If time permitted, you can explore surroudning the guest house, haveing bath the in river, sightseeing water and expecting the Thomas leaf monkey known as funky monkey.

Accommodation: simple & basic Mega Inn
Meals: Dinner Buffet

Day 02: Trekking in Tangkahan, and try a ride on Sumatra elephant. Night in Tangkahan.

After Breakfast, crossing the river by wodden rafting and walk into Elephant camp. Here you can see morning activities of the Elephant having a bath in the bulu river,Tangkahan, you may join on washing the Elephant, a lot of fun. Then, 1 hour elephant riding crossing the river and surrounding jungle, up and down the hill and finished at the near of the guest house. Back to guest house, lunch time and free at your own leisure.

Accommodation: simple & basic Mega Inn

Day 03: Transfer from Tangkahan to Bukit Lawang by local jeep. Ovenight at Bukit Lawang.

Breakfast, check out and escort you to Bukit Lawang for 3hrs by Off road jeep. you will pass many of palm oil plantations. you may stop enroute for photo section. Arrived at Bukit lawang, check in and relaxing after bumpy mud roads. Here you can spectacular view of Leuser national park, the home of many sumtran wildlifes such as Orang utan, monkey, birds and perphap you can see the rare Sumatran tigers. Afternoon, walk into feeding station and expecting the Orangutan in the feeding platform. Back to hotel, free at your own leuser. By dinner time, the guide will discuss the program for the following day.

Accommodation: Bukit Lawang Cottage

Day 04: Trekking the jungle of Gunung Leuser National Park. Overnight in tent or shelter in the jungle.

After breakfast, start to trek into the Leuser national park, explore into the jungle, you will walk around the jungle, up and down the hill, some path ways is very steep and sleppery when wet. Afternoon, arrived at camp site, enjoy your time and having a bath at waterfall while the crews prepare for Dinner. Dinner and stay overnight in the jungle with simle tent.

Accommodation: Night in Tent/Shelter
Meals;Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 05: Continue trekking and return to Bukit Lawang. Night at Bukit Lawang.

Simple breakfast, packing up and returning to hotel by two option @Tubing and @walk into the hotel which the distance around 30m walks. you may discuss with your guide what is the best possibility on the time you are there. Also possible to see morning feeding of Orangutan at bUkit lawang.

Accommodation: Bukit Lawang Cottage

Day 06: Rafting in Wampu River near Bukit Lawang, then drive to Brastagi. Night in Brastagi.

Breakfast, ready to leave Bukit lawang to Wampu river by car(3hrs) and arrival at starting point, briefing for safety regulation then begin your white water rafting adventure. During the rafting, the excellent opportunity to see the bird and wild life as white enjoying the two mild rapids. Arrival at waterfall at the bank of the river enjoying your shower and lunch will be provided afternoon arrival at the point stop enjoying coffee break before driving to Brastagi hotel for 4hrs passing beautiful landscape of Sumatra. Arrived afternoon, check in and free at your own leisure.

Accommodation: Grand Mutiara Hotel****
Meals:Breakfast, Lunch

Day 07: Sibayak Trekking - Overland Tour from Brastagi to Kutacane in Aceh Province. Overnight at Ketambe / Kutacane.

Wake up early, meet with the guide the reception hotel and drive to the point where you will start the trek of Mount Sibayak volcano. Approximately time: 4hrs return. Arrived back by 9am, shower, breakfast and packing up then drive to Ketambe in Aceh Province. It takes aprroximately 7hrs drive from Brastagi to Ketambe. Arrived in the afternoon, resting and free at your own leisure. Note: we suggest you to bring lunch box and you may order at hotel.

Accommodation: Losmen Friendship Guest-house
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Box

Day 08: Trekking Tour in Ketambe jungle belong to Leuser National Park. Night in Ketambe / Kutacane.

Breakfast, begin to trek into the Ketambe Kutacane jungle(ketambe research station), searching for the wild Orangutan, birds and perhaps the Sumatra tiger + wild elephant. Lunch box will provided and having lucnh in the jungle. Back afternoon to the guest house. Free at your own leisure.

Accommodation: Losmen Friendship Guest-house
Meals:Breakfast, Lunch

Day 09: Drive back to Brastagi. Overnight in Brastagi.

Breakfast, packing up all the belonging then drive back with the same road to Brastagi, Arrived in Brastagi, visit the local market, sightseeing and check in to hotel for staying overnight. Free at your own leisure.

Accommodation: Grand Mutiara Hotel****
Meals:Breakfast, Lunch Box

Day 10: Drive from Brastagi directly to Medan airport takes 2 hours.

Breakfast, free at your own leisure or you may explore the town until we escort you for 2hrs drive to Medan airport. (we leave one hours earlier from driving time due to the traffic in Medan).

Accommodation: None

Overland Tour Cost Inclusion:

Accommodation based on twin sharing room
Meals as indicated per day itinerary
Tours and private car/bus transfers as mentioned on above itinerary,
Trekking in the jungle at Tangkahan
One hour elephant ride at Tangkahan
Transfer by Jeep 4x4 from Tangkahan to Bukit Lawang,
Overnight trekking in the jungle in Bukit Lawang based on fullboard
Day rafting in Wampu river
Trekking in Ketambe jungle
Entrance fees, available permit fees
Service of English speaking guide

Price Exclusion:

Camera and Handy cam fee in Bukit Lawang (@IDR 100,000 - @ IDR 250,000)
Air fares, airport taxes
Travel insurance, tipping and
All personal gratuities.

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