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Toraja Pictures
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Toraja Pictures

Toraja pictures is represent the world cultural heritage located South Sulawesi province and Toraja pictures is unique culture and tradition must to visit.

South Sulawesi has four main ethnic groups—the Bugis (the majority, including shipbuilders and seafarers), the Makassarese (lowland traders and seafarers), the Mandarese (traders and fishermen), and the Toraja (highland rice cultivators).

Tana Toraja, An Island With The Unique Culture and Traditions.

Toraja culture is a world cultural heritage thousands of years ago (Tongkonan, grave stones Lemo, Londa caves Tomb, Tombs of ancient Kete Kesu, baby graves Kambira, Ceremony Signs Solo) are still there and still preserved and make Tana Toraja as a tourist attraction in the archipelago eastern part of Indonesia, especially in southern Sulawesi, even make Tana Toraja as a World Cultural Tourism. If you would like to see closely the culture and tradition of Torajan, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Toraja Pictures

Toraja Pictures

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Toraja Pictures sulawesi
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