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Indonesia Tour Operator
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Indonesia Tour Operator.

Indonesia tour operator, travel agent and adventure company is your reliable travel agent and tour in Indonesia and experienced in adventure trips since 1991. Indonesia tour operator offers unique and customized experiences across Indonesia and committed to Excellent and reliable services based on tour operators experiences.

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Indonesia Tour Operator.

Dear Valuable Customers, Friends, Families, Brothers and Sisters.

First, I would like to greet you and welcome you to our Indonesia Adventure Tours & Travel

Also, I wish you health, happiness, and peace in your life. I’m happy when you are happy because this makes me happy too. I think that I was born to make people happy and cheerful. To see people smiling and happy gives me great satisfaction That’s why I love working in the tourism industry as an Indonesia tour operator, which I have been doing since 1991. Tour leader and GUIDING IS MY BREAD AND BUTTER.

I come originally from Banjarmasin, South Borneo but grown up in Kumai, Central Borneo, Indonesia – but I left my hometown when I was thirteen (13) years old. I left my Home Sweet Home and went to Java. I lived in Java for several years, then in Bali for two years. Finally I went to Lombok Island for the first time in 1993, fell in love with the place, and decided to make it my home. Lombok Island is now the place where I lived and built my career. STRANDED ON THE BEAUTIFUL ISLAND OF LOMBOK IS A GOOD PLACE TO BE. Then moved to my Palangkaraya due to expanding more business.

Life is unpredictable! God is Great! In October 2002 I was given the opportunity to visit Europe: My first long journey by air away from my own country. Exciting! I visited many places in Europe which have left me with many new experiences and very sweet memories. Again, in January 2004, I was given a second opportunity to visit Europe, but nothing can equal that first experience. However, the second time gives you the chance to see and do things that there was not the time to do before. Thank you! Thank you to dear Mrs. Barczik and her family for giving a gift that not even in my wildest dreams I could ever imagine happening to me. May God bless you and yours and grant you a long life filled with happiness and peace.

I now work mostly behind the scenes as a Indonesia tour operator as well as I am getting older (but not too old). Operating my Licensed Tours and Travel Company and developing my Indonesia Adventure Tours and Travel website ( takes up a great deal of my time. Now that I cannot spend so much time ‘on the ground’ I have formed a team from my many Indonesian friends in the many provinces we visit. (I have many foreign friends also.) They have traveled with me to the different tourist destinations I have chosen, and I have trained them to be knowledgeable, reliable, responsible, and honest guides.

Indonesia Tour Operator Overview.

I married a lovely Lombok girl in 2004 and we expect our first baby towards the end of March 2008 (she was born 3rd of April 2008, she is now 7 years 5 month old). This means I now have responsibilities to others which will keep me most of the time at my Lombok home. Sometimes I am a little homesick for my traveler’s life but ‘Cést la vie’ – that’s life! Anyway, Lombok is a close neighbor of the island of Bali – just a 20 minute flight and 4-5 hours by slow inter-island ferry.

I write all this about me as Tour operator and Indonesia travel agent, so that you can get to know something about me and my Travel Company – Indonesia Adventure Tours and Travel. I want you also to know something about our tour destinations, goals, hopes, and dreams. Do always keep in touch with me so that you are up-to-date with what we are doing now, and will do in the future. My little diary will help us get to know each other and I hope we keep in contact for a long time. Maybe one day you will see a tour that is of particular interest to you and we can meet face-to-face.

Greetings and best wishes to you in all the seven (7) continents.

I do hope you will enjoy surfing our website.

Yours sincerely,
Ramad khan - Indonesia Tour Operator and Travel Agent Company.
Managing Director.

“A person can achieve everything by being simple and humble.”

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