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Tourism Indonesia Information
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Tourism Indonesia Information

Tourism Indonesia information for tour destination is updated informations for finding tourism destination, tourist attractions, local culture and nature.

tourism indonesia information

Indonesia widely known as archipelago country in Southeast Asia. The Indonesian archipelago has 18,307 islands spread from Sumatra in west into west Papua in the east. There are many local dialects in Indonesia, I think more than 1000 dialects and We have so many cultures and traditional local foods. Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Langguage is a standardized dialect of Malay which had been used as daily conversation and you need to learn bahasa Indonesia If you travel in Indonesia. But people also speak english in most of tourism destination in Indonesia region.

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Tourism Indonesia Information

Indonesia Places Interest Information

The well-known tourism destination and most visited are:

  • 1).North Sumatra - Lake toba, Samosir island, Orang utan, Elephant
  • 2).West Sumatra - Mount Kerinci, Bukti tinggi ,Mentawai tribe, Surfing
  • 2).Bandar Lampung - Elephant, Kiluan bay dolphin
  • 3).West java - White crater, Mountain, Baduy tribes, Krakatau volcano and Shopping
  • 4).South Sumatra - Musi river, cultural
  • 5).Yogyakarta - Borobudur temple, Prambanan, Mount merapi, Caving
  • 6).East java - Mount bromo and Ijen crater
  • 7).Central java - Karimunjawa island, Chinese temples
  • 8).Centre Kalimantan - Orangutan
  • 9).East kalimantan - Mahakam house boat and Dayak tribes
  • 10).West kalimantan - Long houses, River and Dayak people
  • 11).South kalimantan - Floating market, Bamboo rafting
  • 12).Bali Island - Cultural, Tradition and the Sceneries. Ubud, Kintamani, Tanah lot etc.
  • 13).Lombok Island - Mount Rinjani, Gili island and Sasak People
  • 14).South Sulawesi - Toraja and Cultural
  • 15).North Sulawesi - Bunaken island, Pigmy Tarsier
  • 16).Flores(Kupang) - Mount Kelimutu and Komodo dragon
  • 17).West Papua(Irian jaya) - Baliem valley, Raja Ampat and Tribes
  • 18).Ambon Maluku - Banda Neira and Seram island

There are others many small island which are not yet knowing as the access might hard to reach as Indonesia largest archipelago country.

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