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Indonesia Volcanoes List
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Indonesia Volcanoes List

Indonesia volcanoes list and travel guide finding information Indonesia active volcanoes in Sumatra, Padang,J ava, Sulawesi, Bali Lombok, Flores and Papua. There are about 148 Indonesia Volcanoes list divided into 6 locations of islands. Sumatra, Sunda Strait, Java, Lesser Sunda island, Banda Sea, Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands and Halmahera. You may find below the name of volcanoes and locations.

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Indonesia Volcanoes List & Location.

Seulawah Agam Sumatra
Peuet Sague Sumatra
Geureudong Sumatra
Kembar Sumatra
Sibayak/Brastagi Sumatra
Sinabung/Brastagi Sumatra
Toba/Medan Sumatra
Helatoba-Tarutung Sumatra
Imun Sumatra
Sibualbuali Sumatra
Lubukraya Sumatra
Sorikmarapi Sumatra
Talakmau Sumatra
Sarik-Gajah Sumatra
Marapi/Bukittinggi Sumatra
Tandikat Sumatra
Talang Sumatra
Kerinci/Kersik Tuo Sumatra
Hutapanjang Sumatra
Sumbing Sumatra
Kunyit Sumatra
Pendan Sumatra
Belirang-Beriti Sumatra
Bukit Daun Sumatra
Kaba Sumatra
Dempo Sumatra
Patah Sumatra
Bukit Lumut Balai Sumatra
Besar Sumatra
Ranau Sumatra
Sekincau Belirang Sumatra
Suoh Sumatra
Hulubelu Sumatra
Rajabasa Sumatra

Name of Volcanoes and Location.

Krakatoa/Krakatau Sunda Strait and Java/Carita Beach
Pulosari Sunda Strait and Java
Karang Sunda Strait and Java
Kiaraberes-Gagak Sunda Strait and Java
Perbakti Sunda Strait and Java
Salak Sunda Strait and Java
Gede Sunda Strait and Java
Patuha Sunda Strait and Java
Wayang-Windu Sunda Strait and Java
Malabar Sunda Strait and Java
Tangkuban Perahu Sunda Strait and Java
Papandayan Sunda Strait and Java/Garut
Kendang Sunda Strait and Java
Kamojang Sunda Strait and Java
Guntur Sunda Strait and Java
Tampomas Sunda Strait and Java
Galunggung Sunda Strait and Java
Talagabodas Sunda Strait and Java
Karaha Sunda Strait and Java
Cereme Sunda Strait and Java
Slamet Sunda Strait and Java
Dieng Sunda Strait and Java/Wonosobo
Sundoro Sunda Strait and Java
Sumbing Sunda Strait and Java
Ungaran Sunda Strait and Java
Telomoyo Sunda Strait and Java
Merbabu Sunda Strait and Java/Jogjakarta
Merapi Sunda Strait and Java/Jogjakarta
Muria Sunda Strait and Java
Lawu Sunda Strait and Jav/Tawangmangu
Wilis Sunda Strait and Java
Kelud Sunda Strait and Java
Kawi-Butak Sunda Strait and Java
Arjuno-Welirang Sunda Strait and Java
Penanggungan Sunda Strait and Java
Malang Plain Sunda Strait and Java
Semeru Sunda Strait and Java/Ranu Pane
Tengger Sunda Strait and Jav
Lamongan Sunda Strait and Java
Lurus Sunda Strait and Java
Iyang-Argapura Sunda Strait and Java
Raung Sunda Strait and Java
Ijen Sunda Strait and Java/Banyuwangi
Baluran Sunda Strait and Java

Name of volcanoes Location.

Merbuk Lesser Sunda Islands
Bratan Lesser Sunda Islands
Batur Lesser Sunda Islands/Bali
Agung Lesser Sunda Islands/Bal
Rinjani Lesser Sunda Islands/Lombok
Tambora Lesser Sunda Islands/Sumbawa
Sangeang Api Lesser Sunda Islands
Wai Sano Lesser Sunda Islands
Poco Leok Lesser Sunda Islands
Ranakah Lesser Sunda Islands
Inierie Lesser Sunda Islands
Inielika Lesser Sunda Islands
Ebulobo Lesser Sunda Islands
Iya Lesser Sunda Islands
Sukaria Lesser Sunda Islands
Ndete Napu Lesser Sunda Islands
Kelimutu Lesser Sunda Islands/Flores
Paluweh Lesser Sunda Islands
Egon Lesser Sunda Islands
Ilimuda Lesser Sunda Islands
Lewotobi Lesser Sunda Islands
Leroboleng Lesser Sunda Islands
Riang Kotang Lesser Sunda Islands
Iliboleng Lesser Sunda Islands
Lewotolo Lesser Sunda Islands
Ililabalekan Lesser Sunda Islands
Iliwerung Lesser Sunda Islands
Batu Tara Lesser Sunda Islands
Sirung Lesser Sunda Islands
Yersey Lesser Sunda Islands

Name of Volcanoes and Location.

Emperor of China Banda Sea
Nieuwerkerk Banda Sea
Gunungapi Wetar Banda Sea
Wurlali Banda Sea
Teon Banda Sea
Nila Banda Sea
Serua Banda Sea
Manuk Banda Sea
Banda Api Banda Sea

Name of volcanoes and Location.

Colo Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands
Ambangm Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands
Soputan Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands
Sempu Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands
Tondano Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands
Lokon-Empung Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands
Mahawu Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands
Klabat Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands
Tongkoko Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands
Ruang Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands
Karangetang Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands
Banua Wuhu Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands
Awu Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands
Submarine 1922 Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands

Name of volcanoes and Location.

Tarakan Halmahera
Dukono Halmahera
Tobaru Halmahera
Ibu Halmahera
Gamkonora Halmahera
Todoko-Ranu Halmahera
Jailolo Halmahera
Hiri Halmahera
Gamalama Halmahera
Tidore Halmahera
Mare Halmahera
Moti Halmahera
Makian Halmahera
Tigalalu Halmahera
Amasing Halmahera
Bibinoi Halmahera.

We can customize your volcano trek in Indonesia, there are many of active volcanoes which the most visited are Mount Kerinci, Merapi, Mt Semeru, Bromo, Ijen Crater, Rinjani and Lokon

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