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Yogyakarta Pictures
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Yogyakarta Pictures.

Yogyakarta pictures is showing an image of Yogyakarta tour activity and we include Borobudur temple is one of most famous in Yogyakarta tour destination. This image is just one amoungst thousand of Yogyakarta pictures that already taken but the most is when return home, you will have the most memorable trip to Jogjakarta.

Borobudur temple is one of world wonder and its becoming one of tourist destination in Indonesia (actually Borobudur temple is belong to Central Java province territory. Because its too far away from the capital city, Semarang and more nearer from Yogyakarta, so the people mention and getting use to it by saying Borobudur temple + Yogyakarta). If you would explore Yogyakarta city and the active volcano mount Merapi, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yogyakarta Pictures.

yogyakarta pictures

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